We are expanding Bethlehem Boxing Club with the Bramley Gym..
Billy Wilkinson in association with the Bethlehem Boxing Club has opened up The Bramley Gym. The Bramley Gym has been growing in popularity since it opened earlier this year. Billy has an EBF British Title Belt and uses his Boxing experience to pass onto individuals who attend his classes.
Anybody who trains at the Bramley Gym has the opportunity to perform at the shows run by Saoirse Promotions. Anybody who is looking to get fit, but doesn't have the desire to box on one of the shows is also welcome. Billy has an open door policy to all abilities and levels of fitness. In summary, The Bramley Gym is a friendly and welcoming gym.
Bramley Gym Testimonials by scorpiowebs.com
Bethlehem Boxing Club Bramley Gym Testimonials..
Feel free to follow the interview footage of Billy Wilkinson discussing The Bethlehem Boxing Club Bramley Gym...
Billy Wilkinson interviewed by scorpiowebs.com
Billy Wilkinson the Bethlehem Boxing Club Bramley Gym Trainer talking about the himself in this short interview..
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Billy Wilkinson discussing the different abilities of individuals who attend the Gym and the open door policy to disabled and wheelchair bound boxers..
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Bethlehem Boxing Club Bramley Gym is a one big family ethos where individuals are encouraged to develop their fitness in a safe environment..